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So, You Want to Take Harp Lessons?

I've talked to a lot of harpists who tell the same story: "I saw a harpist playing at a wedding (or party, or outdoor concert, or whatever) and I just knew I had to learn how to play." Is this you? Do you feel drawn to the harp for reasons you can't explain? Well, I...

How to Find a Harp for Rent

If you're just starting out on the harp, or even thinking of starting lessons, you may be wondering if you really have to plunk down thousands of dollars to buy your own harp before you've had a chance to see if you like playing it or not. The answer is, no, you...

Diagnosing Pedal Clicks

[youtube] I had a reader recently write in in response to my article, "What is a Harp Regulation Anyway?" She referenced a section where I discussed checking the pedals for clicks and other issues: "I check the motion of each...

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