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Harp Care Video Now Available Online

by | Jul 28, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

book cover - How to Regulate Your Lever Harp, Book 1: The Loveland Lever

Our popular DVD, Harp Care with Steve Moss, is now available as a digital video online through our Vimeo page. You can stream it or download it to your device, and save 40% off the cost of the DVD and shipping. You can even rent it for an even lower price.


Harp Care with Steve Moss is a complete video course in basic harp care and maintenance. The video contains over 80 minutes worth of  step-by-step demonstrations and clear, concise information. In no time, you’ll be able to clean, tune, restring, and move your harp like a pro.

Chapters Include:

  • Tuning Your Harp: including detailed instructions for both lever and pedal harps
  • Cleaning and Maintaining Your Harp: the lowdown on safe cleaning methods
  • Replacing Bass Wires: No more dreading a broken wire when you can fix it yourself
  • Replacing Strings: Learn the techniques professionals use
  • Moving Your Harp With a Dolly: the keys to safe and easy moving – even on stairs!
  • Transporting your Harp: simple tools and techniques that make car trips a breeze

Like the DVD, the new online version is divided into chapters for easy navigation to the topic you’d like to learn about. Check it out here.




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