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Cover Art, Harp Care with Steve MossHarp Care with Steve Moss, the DVD

Harp Care with Steve Moss is a complete video course in basic harp care and maintenance. The DVD contains over 80 minutes of video, packed with step-by-step demonstrations and clear, concise information. In no time, you'll be able to clean, tune, restring, and move your harp like a pro.

Chapters Include:
  • Tuning Your Harp: including detailed instructions for both lever and pedal harps
  • Cleaning and Maintaining Your Harp: the lowdown on safe cleaning methods
  • Replacing Bass Wires: No more dreading a broken wire when you can fix it yourself
  • Replacing Strings: Learn the techniques professionals use
  • Moving Your Harp With a Dolly: the keys to safe and easy moving - even on stairs!
  • Transporting your Harp: simple tools and techniques that make car trips a breeze
About the Author:

Steve Moss spent eight years in the Lyon & Healy harp factory in Chicago, specializing in assembly and final regulation of both pedal and lever harps. Since forming Moss Harp Service in 2003, he has traveled the United States, performing harp maintenance and repair for major symphony orchestras, universities, and private clients from beginner to professional. He is certified by the Lyon & Healy, Salvi, and Camac harp companies. He is in demand as a clinician at conferences and harp camps, and has presented at the American Harp Society national conference.

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