Harp Care with Steve Moss: the DVD

Introducing the First and Only Harp Care Manual on DVD

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“This is a very helpful video for harpists (new and old!) who have questions about the very important basic care of their instrument.”— Folk Harp Journal

Harp Care with Steve Moss answers your most common
questions, from tuning to repairing that broken string. Find out
everything you need to know to take the best care of your pedal or
lever harp from a factory-trained and certified professional

C H A P T E R S  I N C L U D E

Tuning Your Harp
Cleaning and Maintaining Your Harp
Replacing Bass Wires
Replacing Strings
Moving Your Harp With a Dolly
Transporting your Harp

Approximate running time: 85 minutes

I wanted to tell you what a nice job
you did with the DVD!  Not only is
the content info excellent, the DVD
is beautifully produced!  Nice job!”
–Rod Colvin, Omaha, NE

“Your video is well done, a really
good overview. Congratulations!”
–Charles Meding, Seattle, WA

Only $24.95

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